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Spending the majority of Saturday afternoon at Mitsuwa, we lunched at Kayaba. Stevo had the shrimp tempura w/udon and I had the mini katsudon.


We agreed that neither was worth the 20 minute wait in line and 15 more for the food. On top of that, our drinks were forgotten with the order so another few minutes of getting the cashier’s attention while my food got cold. Next time, I’ll just go down the street to Niban.

Surprisingly, “manga boy” didn’t pick up a new graphic novel from Sanseido. He did find a larger than lifesized replica Key Blade Sword, like the one from Kingdom Hearts. I saw a couple of interesting things, the “Skelanimals” line of stuffed dolls/t-shirts/bumper stickers, morbidly centered around dead animals. Think “Emo Kitty”. I also discovered that there is a 3rd gen Street Fighter character named after my mom.
img00069.jpg copy-of-copy-of-img00072.jpg

Cool blue hair, but can he handle a 3-hit combo + “hadoken!”, didn’t think so.

Rather than waste another 20 minutes in the grocery line, we finished off the day at Marukai Plaza.

Marukai Grand Opening

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Feb. 1st marked the grand opening of the Marukai market, although Daiso has been open since November. Daiso is sort of like a Japanese 99 cent store, except most of the items are $1.50.

img00077.jpg img00079.jpg img00081.jpg

The 20 minutes you save in line, you’ll spend looking for a parking spot. Granted, it was opening day and a weekend at that, but the parking lot is just too tiny to accomodate the 3 structure plaza.


Apparently, the owners are really into their sumo. I wouldn’t mind attending one of these with the family. I hear that they’re really good with kids.



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For the past 3 years, I’ve had this picture hanging in my cubicle at work.


Oolong became an internet phenom when his owner, Hironori Akutagawa, posted photos of the bunny with various items perched on his head. Pancakes, film containers, car batteries..

I’ll often reference this picture when being approached for feedback.

R.I.P, Oolong.

Funny Cartoon

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I thought it was funny so I’m just passing it on. When it stops being funny, I’ll delete it.


Click to enlarge.

Shōgun Warriors

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A local manga shop has a full size Mazinga (aka Mazinger) on display behind the counter. Unnoticed by the other patrons, he stood there vigilantly, towering over the Naruto statue and the figurine of Go Go Yubari. I didn’t even want to know what they were asking for it, so I just admired it from afar. Besides, my loyalty still lies with Dragun, the Getter Dragon, alias Getter Robo G.


My mom bought me a Shogun warrior, my first import toy, back in the late ’70s at Longs Drugs. Longs Drugs? I initially carried the Mazinga box around the store, but for reasons I can’t recall, I switched to Dragun. Maybe it was his axe throwing capability. Mazinga had the flying fist action, but that didn’t make sense to me, even as an 8-year-old. What if he missed? That would leave him vulnerable to poundings from the earth’s attackers, not to mention endless ridicule from his fellow warriors. Dragun, it was.

Some time later, I picked up a die-cast metal version of him with tiny, flying fists. He must have evolved, but more likely was the victim of a Consumer Product Safety crackdown. Although non-lethal in it’s trajectory, a launched fist certainly presented a choking hazard. These types of violent toys wouldn’t make it to your local KB store nowadays. For whatever reason, the flying axes, leg-mounted missiles, and lead-based candy of my youth are frowned upon.

Here’s a family portrait, circa 1979. Look closely at the gentleman positioned 2nd from the left. This could be possible evidence of Spongebob’s asian ancestry. We’ll call him Gaiking Squarepants.

Original Gangstas: Voltron, G-Force, Power Rangers: You better recognize.


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I want an egg vending machine. Recently, I woke up with a craving for an omelette. After dicing up some ham and tomatoes, I realized that I was out of eggs. Okay, I had one, but that’s still no better. It’s actually worse, because the cardboard carton duped me into believing that there were several eggs. I vaguely remember an episode of ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ where a delivery man actually brought them to the doorstep in a wire basket. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t happen anymore. Drudgingly, I drove to the grocery store.

My proposal… the “Egg-nigma” (or other catchy phrase). Brilliant!


Ok, so some genius in Japan already already thought of it. He must’ve wanted an omelette really badly, too. The “Egg-nigma” part is my brainchild. I wonder what HOA would say If I had one of these badboys parked in the neighborhood. Right next to the mailbox. I’m sure I could make a killing. I mean, who doesn’t need this? Besides, property values can’t get much worse. I’m sure one of these would raise the neighborhood comps by tens of dollars.

While I’m on the subject, check out this trick I’m practicing. Why? I have no idea.

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